Sunday, December 4, 2011

Frascati Italian Restaurant

Quick thing right off the bat - I don't particularly like Italian restaurants or Italian food, but we figured we should give our local place a try. (We can walk there.)

Quick synopsis:

Menu was uninteresting. Specials were more interesting, but not much sparked my interest. Same old fare mostly.

I liked the mushroom appetizer but suspect the mushrooms were from a can. Waiter had to go ask about it when I asked what was in it. They did have a nice tomato sauce.

Lemonade for the kids was from a Minute Maid can. Lots of nasty stuff in that. Yuck. They liked it, but older daughter is wise enough to know it has a lot bad things in it - sodium bicarbonate & HFCS. She also complained it was only 3% lemon juice. Can any place around here actual make something natural for lemonade! But didn't expect much here.

Steamed broccoli is simple and was for kid munching, but no seasoning? None at all? No salt? Nothing? Really?

Waiter attire was jeans and a white undershirt. Other female waitress had white shirt also, but was at least a normal shirt. Undershirt seems strange.

Waiter took our order. Kids ordered a small cheese pizza. They forgot it when they brought out the rest of our food. Kids had to wait until we were almost finished. Was not fun. And no apology or any acknowledgement of the mishap.

Older daughter's ziti and meatballs seems uninteresting. Sauce was a bit runny. Meatballs did not taste good. No seasoning. Not even salt? Were the meatballs premade?

Gnocchi bolognese was ok. Seems a little heavy. But goes back to me not liking "Family Style" Italian food. I was hoping there was a chance they were house made but doubt it.

Overall - was reasonable for a simple Sunday night dinner. Cost was reasonable. Might give them a 2nd chance to see about service issues. And Might try something else off the menu.

Best part was the beer - craft brew, amber. Was delicious.


Whitemist said...

there are some goos Italian Restaurants around, but i am a bit spoiled because i was taught by an Italian grandmother about some Italian cooking and tend to like it the best.....

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