Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fairway in Stamford

Made our first trip to Fairway Market in Stamford this afternoon.

- Like location. Very close to downtown. Only a short detour for a quick stop after work.
- Like free parking.
- Puzzled how they can afford to have all those people working there. Every lane was open but not too much traffic. Must be startup staffing.
- Like organic aisles separated from conventional aisles. We can just skip the conventional generally.
- Dislike so much selection. 25 kinds of balsamic vinegar. Can you just pick the really good brand and have a selection based on price?
- Dislike meat. Not too impressed. Looking for local, grass fed beef. Not sure why all the organic grass fed is from Australia?
- Dislike crowded and cramped hot foods area.
- Like all the European food - Nestle's KitKat. Maltesers. Nice.
- Like all the fresh pasta.
- Puzzled by produce sitting outside in the cold and direct sun. Seemed odd.
- Like the design and layout of the store generally. Modern. Nice atmosphere.
- Like the organic produce selections.
- Puzzled if they will make it. Seems like they are a bit ahead of the growth curve, but they should have a lot of business down there. I'm sure their other markets can support any loss lead on the Stamford location.

We'll have to make a few more trips back, but don't know if I can do without my Trader Joe's. And wife still a fan of Whole Foods local grass fed beef -- although I'm trying to cut down on meat generally.

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Whitemist said...

I was generally unimpressed with Fairways and really agree about the number of workers there, Otherwise, I still like trader joe's for what i would get.