Saturday, February 21, 2009

Let's all go to Trader Joe's

We do about 80-90% of all of our grocery shopping at Trader Joe's in Darien. It's unfortunate, but to Darien we must venture because I can't stand any of the grocery stores in Stamford. Traditional stores (i.e. Grade A) just scare me. (I used to work in the industry, so maybe I just know too much.)

When I made my weekly visit to Trader Joe's in Darien last week, they asked for my zip code. You know what that means - they are doing a study!

I need everyone in Stamford to visit the Darien Trader Joe's and mention 06905. Thanks.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I gave them a break - I really did

OK. I gave them a break. They were plowing the streets and taking care of the snow. And doing a great job by my measure. And, yes, the tree was buried under the snow for a few weeks.

But it's about time we picked up those Christmas trees including the one in front of my house.

I'd compost it, but I need a bigger chipper. Oh, might be a good excuse for an upgrade. Until then I can only hope they get around to the trees soon.