Sunday, December 13, 2009

Don't Block the Box Madness

So they passed a new law on blocking the box and somebody's got a great contract on white paint and brushes. Don't block boxes with criss cross diagonal lines seem to be popping up everywhere.

I have no problem with the law, but seems like a lot of paint. And the boxes really confuse me and I'm not even that old.

Take the interchange of Strawberry Hill Ave, Hoyt St, Grove St, and Prospect St. I travel south down Strawberry Hill to Grove every morning. The intersection is a mess and made worse by the morons who cut through Dunkin Donuts because they can't wait 30 seconds for the light. There were small guide lines in the intersection to keep too many people from making bad decisions.

Here's streetview prior to the attack of the white paint brushes.

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Now the intersection is a sea of criss crossing white lines inside a huge 5 sided "box".

My question is - how many ticket are they going to hand out. I'm all for writing some tickets for folks blocking the intersections, but I'm suspect about how all this paint is going to help. Seems to just make everyone more confused. I think we need to just step back and put down the paint brushes.

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