Sunday, June 7, 2009

Napa and Company - Return for the Burger

We were back to Napa and Company last Thursday. We had to try the burger. Sounds like we were not the only ones.

We both had the burger and bordeaux combo. The wine was nice, but the burger was something incredible. I've never had Wagyu beef before but I think I can understand its reputation.

The burger was rich. The texture was crumbly but then just melted in your mouth. It could be called greasy but it was good grease. The roll stood up to the burger but did not get in the way. The red onions were spot on along with the mayo. I don't like cheese burgers, but the cheese was not the normal yellow crap. The gouda was more complex and tasty but did not overpower the burger in any way. It also had some crisped edges that were really nice.

The burger was on a little wooden plate. Actually wish there was more room to spread out. There were some fries with it - not 100% sure they were hand cut, but they were really nice. The had rosemary and salt - perfectly twice cooked. The salad on the side was also nice - endive lettuce with some blue cheese and a slice of bacon. Even my wife who's not a fan of blue cheese ate it all up. Was a fresh clean accompaniment to the burger.

We had to almost struggle to finish our plates - not because the burger was huge but because it was just so rich. It also took us some time as we ate slowly and each bite was so savory.

We both finished with some coffee and then needed to walk.

After finishing the burger I felt like I didn't need to eat red meat for about a week.

My only negative is that I don't think I'd order it again. It was just too much for me - I'm trying to cut down on red meat. There are also so many interesting things on the menu. I would say that everyone should try it at least once. It's an experience.


Stamford Talk said...

how was the crowd?

Mark said...

Good question. It was not too good. Our first visit was nice and quiet. Nice atmosphere.

This visit was on a Thursday. They sat us at a nice table, but right next to us and in the middle of the room was a large table of 6-7 obnoxious business folks. The one guy was spending like nothing mattered. And they were loud.

I'm sure Napa appreciated the tab they ran, but they didn't appreciate the wonder food they were being served.

Didn't spoil the visit (hey we didn't have any kids with us!), but thinking next time I might request a table in the other smaller room - away from the bar. That would be much nicer for us - a quiet couple trying to have a special dinner w/o the kids.