Sunday, May 17, 2009

PFChanges -Still Not Happy

We used to live in Tucson. PF Chang's is a Phoenix based chain and has a nice restaurant in Tucson. We used to really enjoy eating there after church. 

When PF Chang's opened here in Stamford, we were excited. Our first few visits seemed plagued by new restaurant opening issues. Confused servers. Poor food. But I gave them the benefit of the doubt.

We visited today for lunch. Hmmm. Something is still wrong. 

The place has a lot of people working there, but our food still took forever. Our server also seemed very busy for some reason. Our experience showed that they still have a slow kitchen. The frustrating part was that both tables on either side of us placed their orders after us, yet received their food first. That's not good. No explanation or apology either, but that's because our server didn't deliver the food. 

As with other chains, PF Changs has the annoying policy of having some food runner bring us our food instead of our waitperson. I don't understand this policy. The food runner has no idea who placed what order. We've never seen them before. When we finally got our order today, we got all our dishes, but no rice. The food runner seemed annoyed when we asked for rice. How could he possibly deliver our food without rice? - all the dishes come with rice. He also, of course, had no idea what type of rice we had ordered because he didn't take our order.

He went back to the kitchen, and after still more waiting, we received our rice - two bowls - but no spoons or anything to portion out the rice to the diners. Sigh.

So the verdict - the food is ok. It's chain food so I'm not expecting much. But the service still has issues. 

I think we'll be much happier going to Kits Thai Kitchen or somewhere else and not bother with PF Changs. It's a shame.


Whitemist said...

Never liked how this PF was run, from a professional point of view, but this is Stamford and I think poor service is more the norm than not, even for successful chains.

Stamford, the workin' city? said...

I have not been happy twice with PF, service was awful!

RNZ said...

I have been to the Stamford PF Changs approx. 5 times since it opened, and the service has always been sub-par. The quality of the food is equal to the level of service, so it's just not worth any more visits. It gets a lot of traffic from the hotels and office buildings, so it probably won't be going anywhere.