Saturday, May 23, 2009

Napa and Company

Finally got the babysitting arranged so Momma and I could have a nice, quiet, peaceful dinner out. We went to Napa and Company in Stamford.

I've heard so many good things about it so I had high expectations. I was not disappointed.

The best part? The food was interesting. It excited my taste buds. It wasn't the same old stuff - it invited my to try something new. It filled me up without making me feel like I would explode.

We both had a nice time.

When we arrived, we discovered that one of the wait staff was our next door neighbor's son. He was very nice and almost immediately brought us over some complimentary champagne from the maitre de. Nice touch. Said it was for us since it was our first visit.

We were going to order cocktails, but enjoyed the champagne instead. We need to drink more champagne. I was a very nice start.

The menu took some time to read. Lots of interesting things. But first a snack...

The small plate of bread and olive oil was great. The olive oil was so tasty - peppery and fresh.

We both ordered a toast based starters. I had whipped ricotta. The red salt on top brightened the cheese. I also loved the olives with the little pieces of toast.

My entree was sea bass. The accompanying white and green asparagus, mushrooms and cabbage was almost better than the fish. The fish was prepared perfectly and the skin was delicious.

For wine novice types like us, it was really nice that they list a recommendation for wine right next the the entree. My wife also asked the waiter for a recommendation and got an Alexander Valley cabernet that was really nice. It was very complex tasting. I should have gotten that but stuck to white with my fish.

In homage to the French we followed our meal with a cheese course. That was the most interesting part of the dinner. We just picked 3 types off the list. This was quite fun. Such a variety of new and complex flavors.

We completed our meal with a hazelnut caramel custard. Loved the dulce de leche, hazelnuts and candied sugar on top. One very nice cup of espresso for me and a little mini pot of decaf to the nursing Momma.

The atmosphere was nice. The waitperson was nice - but they also left us alone and let us take our time.

Finally there is the matter of the price. It wasn't cheap, but it wasn't out of the ballpark either. We got away with a very nice 4 course meal for two for about $150. I would not want to be feeding a family of five but was reasonable for the two of us.

Verdict - we'll be back. Now if only we can schedule the babysitter again.

PS. $150 + $45 for babysitting. Babysitters for 3 ain't cheap. We need to find some more families and start a co-op.

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