Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mary Ann's Mexican

The family ventured to Mary Ann's Mexican in Stamford, CT yesterday evening. (We've been painting the kitchen, or should I say I've been painting the kitchen - so lots of meals out.)

Mary Ann's was a nice dose of authentic tasting Mexican food. We had a good meal.

The surroundings seem a bit new car smell - new construction. Not very inviting yet. There were also lots of people working there - lots of busy looking people but not serving very many customers.

The chips are salsa are always a nice start and keep everyone happy while we wait for the food. The chips were made on the site - the way they should be. The salsa was very mild and reminded me a bit of Rosa's salsa we used to have in Tucson - sort like pizza sauce but not in a bad way. The kids loved it because it was not spicy. We went through two bowls of chips.

We had a long wait for out food - but I expect that was a new restaurant problem. It was a long wait for squirmy kids.

While we waited, I was entertained by waiting to see if someone would fill my empty water glass. It took a long time to fill it. There were so many people walking around looking busy but no water refill. There was also a wait person who walked by with two pitchers of water, but still no water. I twitted about it which made me feel better, but would have preferred some more water.

The food finally arrived after a long wait, but it was worth our visit.

The dish I ordered included a Guacamole taco - something I've not seen on a menu since Tucson - and oh so good, a chicken enchilada which had sauce that tastes very authentic and not from a jar, and a chili cheese relleno. I wasn't thrilled about the chili since it was still a little crunchy - not something I'd expect from a chili relleno, and it tasted more like a jalapeno chili rather than an Anaheim chili as I'd expect. 

The girls shared an entree of chicken taquitos - which seemed more like flautas to me, but they like flautas better anyway - and a beef taco. They had to share an adult portion because they had no kids menu. The waiter said they were still working out the menu - but seemed strange to not have a kids menu. (And please not chicken nuggets and grilled cheese - errr.. one of my pet peaves - the poor quality of kids menus. We'll see what they some up with. Hopefully it's Mexican!) 

The beef taco was different, but very tasty. The beef was slow cooked in an adobo sauce. My youngest loved the beef - although she ate it all out of the taco. The taco shell was also prepared fresh on site. I had to do my duty and eat the shell since the girls didn't finish it. The sauce was so good.

We've been to several Mexican places in the area and this might be our new favorite.

One final thing - the price is right! All of our entrees were well priced especially for food which seemed to be so well prepared. We'll be back with the whole family. Hopefully they will work out some of their new restaurant issues.


Mr. Z said...

We went on opening night and had a nice time. They're so new that you have to expect some kinks in the service and the food, though I hope they get worked out with time.

I have to say, when we went there seemed to be someone stopping by to fill up our water every 5 minutes, pretty much the exact opposite of your experience. Oh well, have to expect some uneven experiences in the first few weeks.

I've been defending Mary Ann's in a friendly sparring match with Chris over at the Advocate's Lunch Break Chronicles, so I'm pretty happy to see another positive experience.

Stamford, the workin' city? said...

Okay finally something I have been waiting for! Thank you for the reviews, it sounds exciting!

Whitemist said...

When I get to have lunch times again, I will be over there. Just as an interesting aside, there is a new Mexican opening in Greenwich (Byram) called Lolita's, where the little Italian restaurant used to be.

Mark said...

Great. We need more Mexican restaurants around here. The more competition the better! If only I could find one locally that actually made their own tortillas.

Wanda said...

Mary Ann's is actually a chain. You will find them in NYC and in Port Chester, for sure. Disappointing about the kids' menu, since they have had years to get that together. When I visit the PC restaurant, there are always lots of groups and families there.
Now that you mention it, Mark, there are lots of employees there and they wait to be called. Might be a cultural thing, like in Europe. Not attentive, but rather passive waiting staff.

You are right. Good reliable food, and a moderate price. Margaritas are GREAT.