Monday, March 23, 2009

Layla's Falafel Downtown

Sunday the family visited Layla's Falafel downtown Stamford for lunch after church.

The place was totally dead. It was 12:30PM Sunday - lunch time. We ordered two platters.

The choice of drinks was rather sparse, but we ended up with a can of Coke and a can of orange soda. Was rather depressing. Was hoping for something authentic or to at least be offered some water. The waiter didn't offer us any water.

They had us sit at a table in the back. The tables are all hidden in the back so you can't sit and watch out the window. It's cramped.

There was a giant TV playing some sort of music videos with the music blasting too loud. It was very distracting for the kids.

There was no high chair available. That was really strange. So Baby had to sit on my lap - which wasn't too fun.

Our two platters arrived and four small plates. The two kids decided they didn't want to try anything which was really frustrating, but not the restaurant's fault.

The food was ok. Humus was very good. Pita bread tasted packaged - not sure if you can make that, but it was obviously not made on site. Not sure why it was whole wheat. Meat was ok, but some was really dry. The meat also didn't have much flavor or seasoning which seemed odd. The rice was good. The salad had the same problem as the last time we tried Layla's on High Ridge - tomatoes just aren't in season, so they tend to ruin the salad.

Wondering how they will last if they are so dead on the weekend. It would be nice if the environment was more hospitable to a family outing. I guess they are targeting the business lunch and single condo dwelling crowd.

I'd hoped for better.

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