Saturday, February 21, 2009

Let's all go to Trader Joe's

We do about 80-90% of all of our grocery shopping at Trader Joe's in Darien. It's unfortunate, but to Darien we must venture because I can't stand any of the grocery stores in Stamford. Traditional stores (i.e. Grade A) just scare me. (I used to work in the industry, so maybe I just know too much.)

When I made my weekly visit to Trader Joe's in Darien last week, they asked for my zip code. You know what that means - they are doing a study!

I need everyone in Stamford to visit the Darien Trader Joe's and mention 06905. Thanks.


Stamford Talk said...

I also really like Trader Joe's. Even their produce is decent for such a small store. I don't go there now that I no longer live in Darien or Norwalk.
Um, please DO tell what you know about the industry, or what incentive do I have to drive 10-15 min to Trader Joe's?

Whitemist said...

Actually the Shoprite stores do a fairly good job of throwing spoiled items out (I should know, unless things have changed in 7 months). I can not say the same of Stop and Shop. There are problem with any store (this includes Trader Joes), but Trader Joes is my favorite. And they carry a very good assortment of organic food. They keep inventory low, which also makes them profitable. I will not go to Mrs Greens or whole Foods, I have witnessed really poor management and customer service practices.
Again, another store I wish was in Stamford, but that is a dream, isn't it?

Mark said...

re: what I know about the industry - I worked for a computer company that sold software to manage pricing and inventory for large grocery chains. I also worked for a 5 store mom and pop chain, doing many of the jobs in the store but eventually focusing on building their IT systems from nothing.

The thing I have against the major chains is the way the large food producers and the large grocery chains interact, how the producers pay to play and pay for shelf space, and how the grocers are not focused on the best food and best value, but only the most profitable food and the most lucrative relationships. I also have a problem with how they use price modeling and other techniques to manipulate prices for certain markets, especially lower income markets.

Trader Joes is not saint, and they are not cheap, but I think they are focused on quality food and I appreciate not having to have my children and myself bombarded with branding. Who needs 5 brands of corn flakes anyway.