Saturday, November 29, 2008

Review: Royal Guard Fish and Chips

We found this coupon in "The Buzz" coupon book for Royal Guard Fish and Chips. The reviews I found on Google were kinda strange. Seemed like one might have been fake. Not so sure. But we had a coupon!

We got in the car and drove down there. I recognized the place from seeing it before. The parking lot is really strange as there is another restaurant in the same building sharing the same lot. The side door where we entered was really scary looking. I let my wife and kids go in first.

The place was empty, but we were a little early - 5pm. It's really strange to walk into an empty restaurant. We ordered 2 fish and chips and 2 kids fish and chips. We got bottled drinks. The food was put on trays for us to carry to the tables. We had our choice of table so we sat in the corner.

The fries were packaged food service fare. (Sigh - will anyone cut up potatoes for us?) I saw them dump them out of a brown paper freezer bag into the fryer when they started our order. There were thin, small and greasy. Not what I'd expect for a proper English chip. No salt.

The fish was good. We each got a larger portion than we expected. The batter was good. I'm not sure what type of fish it was.

There were three people working behind the counter. I wondered how they paid the bills. But soon other customers arrived. One other couple sat down and ate. Seemed like a lot of people ordered take out.

We used our $3 coupon at the end and left a $5 tip. Not sure if we were supposed to clear our table, but we did not. The place seemed sorta fast-food like - but it seemed like there were enough people working there and not enough customers that they could have brought out the food for us. It was like it didn't need to be fast-food like but was anyway. I was confused.

I can't really complain about the meal but not sure we'd make a special trip there again. The fish was cooked well, but nothing proved to me that the fish was fresh. Maybe I should have been like a real foodie and asked. I was still a little scared by the place but might be from watching too much Gordon's Kitchen Nightmares on BBC America.

My kids love fish and chips and I do too, but I'm not sure how a restaurant that specialized in fish and chips survives in a place like Stamford. It seems like there's not enough market for it. I'm also unsure where people get fish - hopefully not from the polluted waters off our shores.

This place was ok but would love it if people would take the time to maybe explain where they get their fish or brag about how fresh it is - and maybe cut some fries from potatoes.


Dora said...

I have seen that place for years, but never knew anyone who's actually eaten there. I always thought that it was a front for something. ou

Mark said...

I'm thinking I need to start a series - visiting all of the restaurants in Stamford that people always thought were a front for something. Ha!

Stamford Talk said...

I've been curious about that place too, but after your review, I'm more curious what places have better quality fish and chips- like you said, places that have fresh fish we can trust. I tried the fish and chips at Mackenzie's on High Ridge and it was disgusting. I've never been to Rowayton Seafood- maybe they'd have? I tend to get scallops or salmon when I go to Conte's in Westport, but maybe I'll see if they have fish and chips next time we go.

Whitemist said...

I have eaten there and one they tried for a short time across from the Govt center. The one on Washington Blvd never made it and though it looked fine to me, both me and a guest became sick after eating there. The other I have eaten a number of time, but not recently. It is a change from MacDonald....

Ronald said...

I've eaten at Royal Guard for years. It's good fish! (but the fries are weak).

Stamford Downtown Staff said...

It's my "go to" for fish and chips in Stamford. My family loves it. I wish one would open in Downtown!

Anonymous said...

I have been eating fish from there for years. I probably first started going there when I was 10 or 11 with my dad and his ex wife, but possibly even dad used to drive me out there in his Limousine's and we'd order a huge box of about 8 - 10 fish and it cost about $30, but they were large portions and absolutely amazing. They have the best fried fish that I have ever tried by far. If that place is a front for something (which I doubt that it is) then they have some of the best food for a place that shouldn't care about the quality of their food. I agree that their fries are weak, but I do not mind. I recommend eating the fish with those mini Kraft Tar Tar sauce packets that they give you. I tried many other company's tar tar sauces and Kraft's is the best. (especially in the mini packets)