Thursday, October 23, 2008

Beach House Cafe

Am I getting crankier or just watching too much Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares now that I have BBC America? (-one of the few good things about AT&T U-Verse.)

So we have some friends over at the Greenwich Guide. They have a tasting party each year but this year decided to have a virtual tasting for the best burger in Greenwich. Each team was sent a review form and assigned a restaurant. We were assigned the Beach House Cafe. They also sent us money to pay for the burger. Nice!

Here's the review form I turned in - it's harsh - be prepared - I can't help it! It's Gordon's fault.

My favorite hamburger in Greenwich comes from: Whole Foods Ground Beef + red onion + thick cut uncured bacon + guacamole = HOMEMADE!

1 = I think I am going to become a vegetarian.
2 = If I were hungry enough, I would eat another one "sometime".
3 = I would be willing to come back and order another burger.
4 = Can't wait to bring my friends.
5 = I better have a second one, right now!

I tried the burger at Beach House Cafe. My rating of the assigned burger is: 1

What garnish did you order on your burger?: Lettuce - seemed like the lettuce that would be in a deli case as garnish for the cold cuts, Tomato, Pickle - was sweet bread & butter pickle slices - YUCK

Additional Notes - as a critic of this restaurant:

[ oh boy, oh boy! Here comes Gordon! ]
Way Overpriced! Charcoal flavor seemed fake. Ordered medium but came out well. Soggy brioche roll. Commercial french fries - cost extra. Why can't they make hand cut. [my running french fry gripe - can anyone make simple hand cut fries! Come on people it's better and cheaper!] Person who cleans up dirty dishes also served us our food! Waiter doesn't know cheese choices for the burgers. Dry, old brownie in sundae. Overdone decor. HDTV's in the urinals in the men's room. [I don't even have an HDTV at home for crying out loud.] Avoid at all costs!

Ok, maybe I'm a bit harsh and should not complain about a free meal - but the burgers cost $12.95 + 95 cents for fries, poor fries, and another 75 cents for cheese. I think that gives us the right to complain.
Avoid at all costs.

Maybe we'll stick to Stamford. Special thanks to our friends at the Greenwich Guide. 


gms said...

Sorry about that, but could it have really been that bad?

I went there once, for a cocktail, but left after waiting a while for the bartender to tear himself away from a riveting conversation on the other side of the bar.

Try Bradford's in Stamford, a cheery spot with a surprisingly good chef.

And the basic burger is $7.99 (though you can pay 12.99 with "options")

Mark said...

re: could it have really been that bad.

For a $6.99 burger - no. For a $8.99 burger - maybe. For a $12.99 burger plus $0.75 for cheese and $0.99 for fries - yes. The the place just dripped with that over-priced feeling - something that scary in these times.

Now I admit I'm one who rarely orders a burger so maybe they keep it on the menu for the non-adventurous type who always orders a burger while everyone else gets something good, but we were to judge the burger and judge the burger I did.

BTW - the results are in and the Beach House scored 11 of 15 on the survey results. I can reveal no more without fear or reprisal. Ha.

Mr. Z said...

Kory over at Burgers Shakes n Fries on Delavan Ave won.

Great burger made by an even greater guy.

Absolutely my favorite burger in the County...

The Advocate has the details on the survey...