Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Gas Game

I think I've read about stations and their hardships with these current gas prices. Seems they buy a tanker of gas at a price and have to then move that inventory through their pumps before they can lower their price. This is even worse with super grade because fewer people buy it. I probably shouldn't, but my owner's manual on my car recommends it. Of course I also think they will raise their price on gas they purchased by the tanker load at the lower price if the market price goes up, but anyway...

I really can't believe there is a 40 cents difference between the price at my neighborhood Mobil station down the street compared to the Shell station on BedfordSummer St.

I really can't stand driving around - I got enough things to do and it wastes fuel - but 40 cents a gallon difference?

Of course this is nothing compared to heating oil - but that's another topic. We're all going to be broke this winter. Maybe we need to move back to Arizona.

Update for Sept 11, 2008 - wrong street.

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Stamford Talk said...

You mean the shell on Summer? Or High Ridge? There isn't one on Bedford I don't think.