Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Spotted - In a hurry

Yellow light heading south on Strawberry Hill Ave near the Tully Health Center.
I'm in the right lane and slow down to a stop as it turns red.
She's in the left lane and speeds up. She enters the intersection on the red and barrels her way through.

City of Stamford Police Car sitting at the light on the cross just watches her go by.

I hope he had something more important to attend to. But I can see why so many people run red lights in Stamford.

Gotta run that red light so you can get to the next red light sooner. Of course I met her again at the next signal.

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Whitemist said...

In July (last last car outing), I had the fun of seeing a similar thing, except that here was a cop car 2 cars back and he was pulled over...yea! Doesn't happen enough!