Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Spotted - Cell phone!

Yesterday. I'm leaving the parking garage.
I'm driving towards the exit and a woman in another car drives diagonally across the parking spaces towards the same exit. She's in a hurry.

We both slam on our brakes as we're about to collide.

She looks over at me with her cell phone in hand and waves me to go.

I try to wave that she should put down her cell phone. - how exactly should one do that? We need a standard "PUT DOWN YOUR CELL PHONE AND DRIVE" hand signal.

The hand signal did not register for her and she just looked at me, annoyed, and again motioned me to continue.

I thought it would be safer to be in front of her, so proceeded and tried to get away from her as quickly as possible.

It boggles the mind why someone who must have just left work needs to get in the car and immediately get on the cell phone. Guess she has minutes she needs to use up.


Stamford Talk said...

Well, I guess besides the middle finger, which is too aggressive, you could do a "HANG UP" motion. You know, hold imaginary phone to ear and then put it down on an imaginary receiver. But is that what you did?

Mark said...

haha. I had three little ones in the back seat so no middle finger. Plus I'm trying to be nicer to my fellow human lately.

I tried the receiver down motion but I'm thinking that is just too old school. I don't even own any phones like that anymore.

Maybe a flat left hand over the ear. Then move in front. Then press an imaginary off button with right hand. Then fold fingers like you fold a flip phone. I'll practice that so I'm ready for next time.

Jonathan "JR" said...

Don't forget about people who drive into the middle of an intersection they have NO way of clearing before the light turns red. Or the people who honk at you if you DON'T block an intersection. I'm so sick of driving with these idiots. I would love so much to be able to give up my car take a subway everywhere.

fairfieldcountychild.com said...

keep posting these incidents! they're hysterical. if you're looking for some good material, head to the nightmare ridgeway parking lot/garage.

Dora said...

Yep, these people are my absolute favorite -- I especially love when they're on the cell phone and making a sharp turn. My favorite was the other day when I spotted a guy on his phone, attempting to turn left on a busy street AND picking his nose -- that's true multitasking...

grumpy said...

The ones that get me are the ones talking on the phone making a turn nearly plowing into me as a pedestrian, (walking with the walk sign like a good pedestrian), Then they honk and glaring at me like I'm the wrong one. I usually point to the walk sign and glare back as I quickly get out of the way before they hit me. I have to make this crossing everyday in front of my work place and this happens at least once a week. Several times the offender is so oblivious and distracted they don't even see me...that is when I really have to hussle to get out of their way. I too am sick of idiot drivers!

Stamford Talk said...

See, this is why my paint gun plan should be put into effect. Only I get to use it, because I'm balanced and fair and cool under pressure, but this is what I posted at greBURg:

Sometimes I wish I could carry around a paint gun and shoot people who do things like that. It could be a kind of paint that comes off, just to shock the driver and let them know what I think about them. I'd wield that weapon fairly, so I think I should have a special dispensation to use it. Not everyone can carry the paint gun. Just me, with my paint gun badge that I'd pull out, flash to the driver, then shoot my paint gun. I think you can tell from my blog that I'm a thoughtful, balanced, fair person who has proven she's responsible enough to carry that badge.

Pedestrian safety is important, so I don't think my plan is extreme.