Monday, July 21, 2008

The Poor State of Kid's Meals at City Limits

Took the girls out for lunch Sunday while the pregnant one stayed at home to rest.

We went to City Limits (crummy website - too much Flash. Can't link to City Limits, Stamford) (135 Harvard Ave)

We sat down for a nice meal. I really like their grilled shrimp wrap platter with vegetable chips and small salad. The wrap was the usual - nicely done and tasty.

What bummed me out was the quality of the kid's meals. One girl ordered fish and chips - which is her favorite - and the other ordered her favorite - a hot dog and fries.

Now I know they are kids meals, but they could at least try and serve something worth eating. I mean the meals were 6.95 and 4.95 so they aren't free.

The fish in the fish an chips seemed like it was some soft of flattened from the freezer patty shaped like a fillet.  It's like the fillet was sliced in two to make it thin and boring - not flaky. What would it take to put a piece of fresh fish in some batter and fry it? Seemed like it was bought from some lousy foodservice corporation before being dumped in the fryer.

The hot dog was decent, but placed on what seemed like a 2 day old commercial, nasty hod dog roll. They have a bakery in the diner that makes really nice bread. Couldn't they make a decent hot dog roll to go with the kid's meal? Looked like they bought it from the discount bin at the local grocery dump.

Both meals came with fries. The fries were also of the comercial foodservice variety, and not cooked well. There were many fries with soft dark spots on the ends - yuck! There were also some fries that seemed like they were poorly processed in the foodservice factory and contained no inside - only crispy grease.

The problem here (in my humble opinion) is that the restaurant is taking shortcuts and using foodservice, factory produced food when it would be cheaper and much nicer to actually make some hot dog rolls and cut some fries on a mandoline. I admit that City Grill is by no means alone in this regard, but they have a bakery and a nice kitchen staff. And they seem to be trying to be a little more upscale. Cut some fries people!

All I ask is that a restaurant that makes decent food for adults at least try to make a decent meal for the kids - especially if the kids meal is 4-6 dollars. My kids deserve better.

So I'm a bit down on them for now and will be looking around for some other choices in diners -- hopefully finding somone who serves good food for all ages.

In the mean time - back to Crab Shell for decent fish and chips - even for kids! and hot dogs? don't know yet.

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