Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Newfield Green Going Upscale

First came Starbucks, now comes a new sign. Newfield Green must be trying to move upscale.

Newfield Green is in walking distance of our house. The girls and I like to walk down to CVS and buy stuff we can't find at our normal shopping destinations (Costco, Trader Joe's, Stew's, Whole Foods Westport). We also take our bottles down to Grade-A to get some coins and occasionally buy some Ben and Jerry's for special a treat. I'm too scared to buy anything else at Grade-A.

My wife's commented that lately, during the day, she sees the caravan of strollers heading down to Starbucks for an morning pick me up. She stopped in last week. Mostly kids and mom's, a couple of young adult types on their laptop, and several very large individuals getting some giant caramel, chocolate, sugar, coffee drink. I don't know how people can stand that much sugar and calories. Not sure you can walk it all off either.

I'm sure most people drive and park in the lot for their coffee -- too bad there's no drive through -- but I bet that will change as the Mobil station on the corner continues to jack up the prices - $4.99 for super at the moment.

But the old plaza is getting a new sign. The old sign was quite dated. Maybe the new sign will have Starbuck's in lights. I'm sure Starbuck's is causing an uptick in traffic - both cars and strollers.

Update: OK. I take it all back. The new sign is uglier than the old sign. And the electrical box stuck on the side is just classic. What a mess.

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