Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mitchell's Fish Market

Went out to dinner w/o the kids (10 years, you know!) at Mitchell's Fish Market at Stamford Town Center.

Hmm. Was OK. Was sorta chain-y. Fish was OK, but didn't live up to the fresh off the boat thing they are trying to accomplish. Wife (land lover) had a steak which was not great.

Prices were moderately high.

Service was excellent and our server was trying to make the best of it. She was attentive and friendly although there was a bit of a wait for things.

Food brought out by someone else - a "runner".

Couple with a baby and toddler sat down at the table next to us with their giant, pricey Bugaboo, Talbot's bag and pricey children outfits. They were nice, but reminded me of why I shake my head at people who spend all their money on accessories. At least the Dad was attentive to the baby and held her before eating. (I hate people who confine their babies to the carrier the whole time - poor kid!)

I don't think we would go back when we have other choices that are more local and less boring.

Was not an excellent dinner, but I had a coupon. Oh well.

Maybe we'll do something more special for 11 years -- and when the wife's not 9 months pregnant.

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