Friday, July 11, 2008

Day One Sucker

So the itch finally got me and at 2:00 pm I made the walk over the Apple store. My boss wanted to be there also be he was stuck in NJ. He said "Go" so I headed out.

It sure is nice to have an Apple store in Stamford, especially if you are an Apple person.

The store looked jammed, but the line didn't look too long. There's a Stamford cop with fire arm at the door and they are not letting anyone in unless they are buying an iPhone.

Oops. That's just part of the line. The real line started down by Macys. "Are you going to have some when I get through the line?" "Yes, we have lots of them." OK, I decided to go for it. My wife had already tole me, "Don't come home without one."

I had a really pleasent experience in line. Met some nice folks who were also suckers. Amaizing how many of them were switching carriers for their new iPhone. We all remarked on how crazy we were to wait in line, but when it was reassuring that I'm not the only crazy. There's mall security staff moving the line along and keeping people straight. They also add, "yea, they have plenty of phones."

Apple is so classy. They were handing out water and Starbucks bottled coffee to everyone in line. They had people going through the line making sure you had what you needed and answering questions. They even went for more help when some folks asked some more difficult questions.

I twitted my way throug the line - anoying all my Apple hater followers. An hour passed. Finally at the store. Almost to the door. In the door - oh no, there queue goes into the store, but the lines moving a little.

Once in the store, they were handing each person off to their own Apple person for one on one care. I met Anthony with the crazy hair the orange shirt with the look of a person who's been "how ya doin" and smiling to everyone all day. He asked my name and introduced himself. We shook hands. This was supposed to be an experience.

He handed me off to a more tired looking woman who helped me through the process. It was quite painless at that point except for a screw up with AT&T on my account (no surprise). We called AT&T together and straightened that out.

And after the ringing of money being transferred from my credit card to Steve's vault, I'm off with my new int eh box phone to the front of the store. Another friendly guy opens my box, plugs in my phone and activates it. So much for my Apple out of the box experience. He acknowledged the itunes error dialog (haha) and we're done. See ya.

iPhone in hand - I'm victorious! Only 2 hours of my precious life gone.

I glare at the crowd in line - still back to Macy's - and wish them all success while I get outa there.

Boy, I'm glad (actually, continue to be glad) I'm an Apple stock holder. Enjoy my money, Steve. I'm at your mercy.

PS. Maybe we should pick up a new one for my wife also?

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