Sunday, July 27, 2008

Crab Shell

Pregnant wife and I had our last night out before the new baby arrives. We had the 'rents in town and were taking advantage of the free baby sitting.

She picked Crab Shell where we enjoyed another nice dinner.

We've visited several times in the past year - normally on a Sunday or weekday evening when the place is dead. Saturday night it was bursting with people which was new to us. Must be the summer? There was a wait to sit outside, but the pregnant one and I preferred the AC tonight.

Inside had the usual paper table coverings which are a bit strange but practical. The special menu is also posted up on the wall and not printed out. I guess that saves carbon and trees for the table coverings but it does give me a workout to try to read it from across the room.

The pregnant one had St. Peter's fish with shrimp, artichokes and roasted red peppers. (Why "St. Peter's Fish" and not Talapia? Maybe they are trying to make a cheap fish sound upscale? Or maybe it's an Italian thing? Wonder what St. Philip's fish would be?) I had cajun catfish with shrimp salsa. Seemed like a bit of a culture clash as the salsa might have gone nicely with some tortilla chips. The shrimp looked like they came out of a frozen bag from Costco.

But. as always, the food was very tasty. Pregnant one declared she's never had a bad meal at the Crab Shell and it is one of her favorite restaurants - and she doesn't really like fish? The do know how to prepare a good meal.

We also had some mozzarella sticks before the meal - why not, no kids, we could get away with it - and they were also very good along with their sauce. Just what you would expect. Very nice.

We did not order a table salad - but that's our favorite part of Crab Shell. You order a table salad for 2 and it could feed a family of 5. And the salad is really good. We'll get one next time, but need to bring more people.

Overall - you'd think by reading this review that this is a ho-hum place with average food -- but it's more than that. I think the issue is that whomever is working in the kitchen just knows how to cook. We'll be back.

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