Monday, July 7, 2008

Black Bear Burger

On Sunday, the older girl and I had a post WALL-E dinner at Black Bear (boy I wish their web site did not have music - so tacky). Even with all the variety downtown and some persuasion from Dada she still said she wanted a burger and french fries. I was not thrilled. We were so close to Market! but I agreed that she should have the call since it was her special afternoon out.

Black Bear is one of those places I tend to avoid. Too much bar, not enough focus on food. But I might have been wrong.

We sat down outside on the corner. It was a pleasant evening. Sun was just setting.

We stuck with water since we just downed a ginormous soda at the theater.

The girl ordered off the kids menu. "Sliders" - two small burgers and fries. They looked good although the roll seemed like a boring commercial dinner roll. She enjoyed them and the fries were good.

I ordered the Guacamole Bacon Burger. Wow. It was most delicious. Burger tasted like beef and was not too fine a ground. Cooked correctly. Guacamole had just a bit of spice and was just the right amount. Bacon was awesome - thick and crisp with a nice smoky flavor and a bit of chew. The pickles were really nice. The looked like fresh cucumbers, but were in fact pickles with a nice vinegar twang. The roll was also classy and delicious with toasted insides and a nice egg white shiny top.

The burger came with sweet potato fries. They were also really good. Crispy shoestring cuts. Great sweet potato flavor without being mushy as I've had with other sweet potato fries attempts.

I have to admit that it was one really nice meal. So when I'm in a mood for a good burger, I think we'll visit again. But probably early to avoid too much of the bar crowd. The Sunday evening burger was really nice.

Best part - the price. $11.00 burger for me. $4.99 burgers for her. We got out of there cheap and had not problem leaving a nice tip and a note about the excellent meal.

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JT said...

Good to know! I'm usually under whelmed with their food but I'll give that a try.

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