Wednesday, July 16, 2008

AT&T - The Bad and the Good

On Saturday we stopped at the AT&T store in the Stamford Mall (100 Greyrock Place). What a disaster! There were two people there who didn't look at anyone walking in. There was a signup sheet. I signed up. Waited 20 minutes. The two people kept helping people who looked the most annoyed and were standing up at the counter - ignoring the sign up sheet. Finally a 3rd person with a bad attitude slowly made his way out from break and helped someone else standing there.

I interrupted and ask if they were using the signup sheet. The man there said he didn't know, he just got back from break. When I asked why they had a sign up sheet, he just gave me a dirty look and asked if he could help me - ignoring the guy who he started helping. I suggested that I didn't want to stop him from helping someone but wondered why they had a signup sheet if they were just going to ignore it.

There's more, but I won't go into it further except to say I left and swear I'll never step foot in that store again. AT&T ought to roll some heads and/or shut down that store. What a disaster.

Then we went to the Apple store and had a great experience buying a new cover for my wife's phone. They even installed it. So professional and so classy.

So then we all got in the car and drove to the AT&T store in Ridgeway Plaza (2147 Summer St). What a huge difference!

We were immediately greeted by the manager, Karim K., and we talked about what we needed to do. He was extremely nice and helpful.

He then handed us over to his "tech specialist", Scott L., because we had a more involved request - switching home phone to old iPhone which needed activation. Scott was really incredible. He set things up, pulled some strings, and got us up and running with some extra features and a great price.

I was so pleased with the help we got at the Ridgeway store that I got some names and will be sending off this post in letter form to the head store manager and the corporate office of AT&T stores.

Hats off to the folks at the AT&T store in Ridgeway and shame on AT&T for the disgrace that greeted us at the Stamford Mall. If you must deal with AT&T (and you have to with the iPhone) go see the great guys at the Ridgeway AT&T store.

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