Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Silly Gas Cash Discount Bill

Today's note to Senator McDonald:

Just a short note to let you know I'm not in favor of the silly cash gas bill that I'm hearing about in the news. The reasons:

  • Stations and oil companies will simply raise the price for creditpurchases. There will be no savings. We already know that from experience. - you cut gas taxes and stations simply raise the price to make up for it.
  • More cash transactions will mean more crime. I don't want more poorly paid gas station attendants getting robbed or worse to save 5 cents a gallon.
  • More cash will mean more wasted time, more wasted transportation costs, more security costs, more bank deposits, more carbon, more dead trees, etc...
  • I don't want to carry cash. Cash is over.

I'd much rather spend time investigating why gas is 40 cents higher in Stamford than in Trumbull and why it goes up 10 cents every week. I'd like to know how people are going to heat their homes this winter. Why are stations in Stamford and Greenwich running out of gas? Please
encourage the legislature to work on more pressing issues.

I hope we can avoid the silly logistical and legal mess that cash
discounts will bring.

Thank you,


We'll see what happens when/if they pass this bill and the station down the street raises prices by the discount amount --- although I told you so notes are fun also.

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Mark said...

My wife adds yet another problem with the whole idea - "What about those of us who are now going to have to get 2 or three kids out of car seats to go pay the attendant?"