Friday, June 27, 2008

No Mustard

Ok, Match is not in Stamford, but it's one of my favorite dining places and I'm a big fan of Matt Storch. In the free Stamford Times (but not online?) paper this for June 29, 2008 the 20 Questions with your Local Chef feature asked him, "What is the one food you won't eat?" His answer - Mustard. I also don't like to eat mustard although I like almost all other foods. Funny, or coincidence! No wonder I love his food.


Stamford Talk said...

Stamford Times' URL is

altho I do not see the Storch article online even after a google search. Weird!

I think Match is pretty good altho we were there last month and were not wild for the food. I think it is over-priced, but maybe anything on that strip has to be! By over-priced, I guess I also mean the food did not blow me away. What DID blow me away was one of the pasta dishes at Market in Stamford- he's the chef there too, or runs it or something.

Have you tried Market?

Mark said...

Both Stamford papers have issues with permalinks. I mean what do they want us to do? Pay for the paper? (A story for another time - why I canned my Advocate subscription.)

We've been to Market and Match both. I agree it can be pricy but was very happy in the past. Need a good excuse to go back again. And some babysitters.