Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hyperlocal Rules

In the past few months, I've been following a number of Stamford blogs. I think it points to something that will help today's society - hyperlocalism.

In today's era of global corporations, walmartism and big media, we're loosing the focus on localism and unique places, people and ideas.

It's also a time when you don't know your neighbor, many are afraid and shut-in, and others don't have any compassion or understanding for others.

I think blogs and other hyperlocal communication might help with this. Hopefully some sense of connection can start online and might even someday spill over to real personal relationship - new friends and new ideas.

Go hyperlocal!

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Stamford Talk said...

Dude, talk about hyperlocal- we shop at the same grocery!

Blogging about Stamford has made my life here so much better. I've learned about the city, met great people, and satisfied my writing urge. I love being a part of the online scene here- I'm connecting with musicians, people who run businesses downtown, other bloggers... glad to have found your blog.

We're having a blogger happy hour tomorrow- email me if you want to come! stamfordtalk at gmail